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After the defeat of the Ostrogothic king Witigis and the capture of Ravenna inimperial administration was reestablished in Italy under the praetorian prefect Athanasius.

She revered them greatly and was willing to put up with their eccentric ways. These Europeans were called Latins.

In Rome, the empire simply became too large. As a devout Christian and protector of the faith Justinian had to answer these calls. Why did the Turks concentrate their attention on capturing the Byzantine Empire?

The huge lower class included craft workers and peasant farmers. But Severus, suspicious of Justinian, declined on the account of his old age.

There was also a disputed succession to the throne after the aged Vandal king Hilderichwho had been in alliance with Constantinople and had ceased persecution of the Catholics, was deposed in favour of Gelimer in The dome is feet 33 meters in diameter and its crown rises some feet 55 meters above the pavement.

This society did not have a middle class, however. Belisarius could make no headway without adequate reinforcements, and in he was recalled to Constantinople. She never forgot her experiences in Egypt and now that she was empress, she was determined to repay the kindness shown to her.

Constantinople was an economic and cultural center. This icon painting before iconoclasm shows the influence of classical art. In Hagia Sophia his architects achieved one of the finest and most justly famed buildings in the world.

She was amply suited for this task because she was a superb hostess and had great taste in food. Mosaic of Theodora Theodora with Courtiers.

Itis used to indicate the fact that not long after the fall of thewestern part of the Roman Empire, this part of the empire becamecentred on Greece and Greek in character after it lost most of itsnon-Greek territories. They did business in Constantinople and some of them held government positions.

It was therefore the duty of Justinian, as it was for later Byzantine emperors, to promote the good government of the church and to uphold orthodox teaching.

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From History of the Wars, I, xxiv, translated by H. The Turks change the name of Constantinople to Istanbul and make the city the capital of their empire. Theodora persuaded him to stand his ground, and the generals in the city, Belisarius and Mundus, mustered what troops they could and resolutely turned on the mob in the hippodrome.

There were many factors that led to the decline of both the Roman and the Byzantine Empires. Although Justinian had managed to keep his throne, his prestige had suffered greatly.

The empire struggled on into the 15th century, the emperors gradually losing their importance in favor of religious officials. InPatriarch Anthony actually had to give a speech explaining why the Byzantine emperor was still important.

Byzantine Scholars —They copied the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans —By preserving ancient works on science, medicine, and mathematics, they helped spread classical knowledge to the western world.

Narses entered Rome and soon afterward defeated Ostrogothic resistance at Mount Lactarius, south of Vesuvius. Changes were made in the dioceses of Asiana, Pontica, and Oriens and in Egypt involving the abolition of the vicariates administrative officials and the regrouping of the provinces, thus effecting some economy.

When the war ended, the Byzantines were asked to leave but refused and kept control of these provinces Bury-History of Later Roman Empire, A few years ago, this would have been unthinkable due to the persecution of the Monophysites.

In the Vandal kingdom of North Africa, Catholics had been subject to frequent persecution. This left him free to send his armies to conquer North Africa and Italy. From the start, Theodora worked hard to protect them. He was legally adopted by Justin and held important offices.

Emperor Justinian: Builder of the Byzantine Legend

First, he appointed a commission of ten lawyers to review, organize, and rewrite Byzantine laws into a single unified set of laws.Byzantine Empire and Justinian.

STUDY. PLAY. Byzantine. Eastern Empire, located between Asia and Europe. or solo ruler, with complete authority. He even had control over the church. He was very well respected and the Byzantine Empire was at its height under his power.

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Theodora, (born c. ce —died June 28,Constantinople [now Istanbul, Turkey]), Byzantine empress, wife of the emperor Justinian I (reigned –), probably the most powerful woman in Byzantine history.

Justinian, like succeeding Byzantine emperors, regarded himself as the viceregent of Christ, and the Eastern Roman Empire knew no such clear-cut distinction between church and state as developed in Latin Christendom.

The Byzantine Empire followed after the Roman Empire fell. Before the Roman Empire fell, The Byzantine was considered part Eastern Roman Empire which covered the southeast part of Europe, as well as West Asia.4/5(2). Byzantine vs.

Roman Empire Essay. After the split of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire bloomed in the east - Byzantine vs. Roman Empire Essay introduction. Its greatest ruler, Justinian, made it his main goal to regain the lost territory and power of Rome.

Byzantine empire under justinian essay help
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